What Is HORSE Poker: Points to Remember

Horse poker is made up of several games, Like Texas Hold’em, Omaha Eight, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Eight poker. In the World Series poker, HORSE used to be a predominant series there. It has a limit betting rule which might be ignored in some tournaments as per their choice of the hosts.

It is a high stakes game aiming to challenge the knowledge and talent of players involved. Rules and betting strategies of the games involved are of main concern to determine a player’s fate in the game. Professional players with a thorough knowledge of the different games and their respective strategies can easily sweep off the prize in a jiffy.

For those who are new to the combination games, HORSE might seem like a complicated plot to be understood. This game is a limit game, but even then extravagant pots and bets on the tables can be found in it as the play has the capability to get rapidly accelerated.

Some points might help you understand the HORSE game better and plan strategies in an even better manner are given below.

  • Texas Hold’em – It is the most popular poker game which has been claimed to be the source of other variants of poker present today. It has five card hands with five community cards along with two hole cards, were the highest hand announces the showdown.
  • Omaha Eight –Under this game, there would be four cards dealt to the players sitting around the table, and they will require two from their hand held cards along with any three out of five community cards to build the highest hand. The showdown pots are split between the lowest and highest hand, and there the lowest hand would be having the cards ranked between aces and eights only.
  • Razz Poker – Here unlike the other forms of poker, the lowest hand gets the pot. There are no hand limits on the low hands. A bluffer might give the lowest hand card player a run for his money in this game.
  • Seven Card Stud – It is the most common type of poker played all around the world. Here the cards are dealt in progression, with some face up and some face own. The highest five card hand claims the win.
  • Seven Card Stud Eight (Hi-Lo) – It also has the split pot for the lowest hand below eight, as in Omaha Eight Game.

Even if your are familiar with only one or two games comprising the HORSE combination game you can still play the lower limit tables in it. There are up to ten hands of each poker variation which can be played before going from the dealer button at a turn to another. The players are recommended to bet high on their strongest poker type and vice-versa. You can find these games at tables’ game and in tournaments also.

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