What are free casino chips how much reliable are they?

The online casino concept was opened 10 years ago and today, there are hundreds of thousands can be found on the net. Reports say that around $12 billion people are offered free casino chips, which seems to be something like a drop in the ocean.

The honesty and reliability of source sites offering these chips are under doubt.

A serious study or research is worth in this area. While considering the value of free casino chips to the online casino players, we need to know that there 4 types of free casino chips:

No Deposit Bonus

This free money is offered by honest online casino without any conditions but to attract individuals to play at their online tables.

Matching Deposit Bonus

As the name implies, house will match your deposit! This type of bonuses for online casinos are offered in multiplies. This is useful, especially for new players.

Non-cashable Bonus

Also called ‘sticky’ bonus, this type of bonus for online casinos can’t be cashed but, it remains in your account and lets you use the account for higher bets. Non-cashable bonus chips are potential chips that you can use to do things which you otherwise can’t.

Loyalty Bonus

As the name implies, this type bonus is offered to retain customers. Reliable online and offline casinos offer loyalty bonuses.

Bonuses for online casinos are an affordable matter because the casinos don’t need to suffer the overhead cost as they are not running on brick and mortar buildings. However, this is an important factor adding to the belief that online casinos are not reliable.

Still, there are reliable and honest online casinos offering free casino chips. Such casinos don’t have financial burden due to their physical equivalents.

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