Web Cam Casinos: We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Two-way video communication, a futuristic fantasy just 15 years ago is now a completely common reality. Inventors in the 1980s were still speculating about tiny screen video phones with lousy graphics. Now we can contact anyone with pocket-able devices and chat as easily as making a phone call or we can converse with anyone face to face life size on our TV screen. We no longer have to be there. This growth technology has greatly broadened our potential for social indulgence and fantasy. The world of humanity is within easy reach.

Coupling advances in audio-visual communication with advances in electronic financial exchange opens whole new areas of commerce. Net-based machine gambling and slot machine gambling have been around since the early 1990s. The visual equivalent of an electronic gambling game appears on the gambler’s computer screen via a carefully regulated website. Social and competitive gambling games like poker or baccarat are simulated using graphic avatars for human players and exchanging bets via attached chat rooms. Financial exchanges are through direct credit card pay or via an electronic equivalent of chips and monitored and controlled by third party auditors.

This kind of electronic gambling perfected the mechanics of money exchange for the next step in the development of the digital casino, adding a camera for live interaction in the computer casino. The live interaction gives players first hand auditory and visual contact with the dealer and gambling table. One of the features of web cam casinos is that they feature attractive female dealers. This emphasis recalls the web cam dating sites and fantasy sites that started the move toward commercial chatting on the web. A side chat room enables bet setting and written exchanges with other players. Although the player has a realistic visual and auditory experience of the casino and the dealer, what is lacking (at least so far) is real-time visual contact with other players. Because many players may miss the face to face interaction with other players that is so important to good poker playing, web camera casinos usually do not include poker but focus on games where interaction is primarily with the dealer, games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and sic bo.

Web cam gambling does not necessarily take place in a major brick and mortar casino. Bigger casinos may rely on in-person gaming for their principle revenue. Moreover, the best experience in the computer-based audio and video experience may be in a controlled setting designed for the camera. Searching the web yields a wide range of web cam casinos which offer the necessary free software download. However in the case of web cam gambling, the outcomes are not based on randomizing software. Outcomes are based on the physical manipulation of actual cards in a real casino location.

Author bio.: Mike has been a regular web cam gambler since the first casinos appeared. He is a computer technician by training. You can sometimes catch him at online casino with live dealers.