Sports betting in US live and exiting

After the Supreme Court remove the federal ban abandoning the betting on sports, all the states in US received the chance to decide on their own rather to legalize the sports betting or not to.

By far, there are eight States which accepted wagering on sports and it looks like this will increase by the end of the year.

What’s more it’s considered that the numbers will double in the new calendar 2019.

For now it looks that the advantage is on the fantasy sports providers like Fanduel and DK.

What’s more, the most advanced is the DraftKings sportsbook which is determine to operate in as much as possible states. But more is coming and the list of bookmakers is growing as well as the states who legalize the activity.

The people of New Jersey enjoys a selection of almost ten of the world best bookmakers nowadays.

US online sportsbooks for sure provide an extremely good product so far. It’s accessible not only at local land based facilities, especially constructed to host sports betting wagering but also online.

It’s available towards all devices including mobile and desktop. The excitement is huge since, players are able to bet on pre-match or live events.

On top of that, every bookmakers is trying to attract as many players as possible offering great bonuses on deposit.

Free bets as well as the popular match bonus are offered to welcome the players in the states. They all try to lure the crowd and to be the best sportsbook in the town.

All this competitive environment is quite beneficial for the players who have plenty of options to start betting with great advantage over the bookie.

Most importantly, is that you are capable to bet on the local sports such as NBA, National football association as well as the baseball. There are more than hundred markets opened for both live and pre-match.

What’s better than sitting Saturday night watching Superball and waiting for your team to win. Well most likely to do the same but also to wait your bet to be settled as winning so you can also make money to celebrate the win!

All the fans around NJ are thrilled for the new type of entertaining. There are also other states enjoying the activity.

However, there is still a bit limited and they are lacking online and mobile betting. The only option for the people there is to go special facilities constructed for the purpose.

But anyway, those places are full with interactive walls and TV’s as well as many other funny stuffs.