Scams and mobile casinos

What could we say about mobile casinos without repeating ourselves? They have taken the internet world by storm in the past decade and continue to grow day after day. Today, we can carry an entire mobile casino in our pockets. Practically, every reputable casino is into this mobile trend. The reason is quite simple. They need to follow the tech “herd”, because if they don’t, they could easily lose significant part of their clients.

While online casinos are rapidly closing in to become the number one source of entertainment available (at least for the average male population), some online casino operators give a bad name to the cause and are quite dishonest with players. When you gamble at a “physical” casino, you can be sure that scams are excluded. Otherwise, local gaming commissions would turn them to shreds. But, that’s not the case on the Internet.

Online casino scams happen all the time – even to veteran players. There are several operators out there that started with the sole intention of scamming players. Also, some casinos simply run out of operating “fuel” and disappear with as much money from their players as possible. These casinos not only ruin the experience of players and affiliates but are tremendously damaging the industry.

Although there are other types of online scams (after all it is a 15 billion dollar industry), like cell phone trickeries, unlimited download fees, online games phishing, sale of virtual assets or fees for testing video games, our focus is on scams that are related to online and mobile casinos.

In this article, we’ll go over some warning signs of casinos that may be scamming their players.


Slow payment or no payment at all

These issues are common for bad casinos. They represent a situation when you request a withdrawal of your honest earned funds. Suddenly, without an explanation, it takes weeks for you to receive it, or you don’t receive it at all. These massive delays happen especially to players who live in countries that haven’t legalized online gambling. Other scenario could be when online casinos plan to close their businesses (usually when they run out of operating money),and their customer services stall everyone, so they could keep as much as possible money for themselves.

Rigged Games

It happens when casinos are misleading players with crooked games, the ones that can’t be beaten. This is kind of sad and pathetic, because we all know the house has an advantage in each and every casino aspect they offer to players. The win/lose ratio always favors the house. Still, these advantages must be regulated too, because they can be further abused by unethical operators.

Flashy Homepage is not always legit

It may look like he safest thing on Earth, with its slick homepage, lots and lots of games, and abundant of deposit options. But it’s not! Crooked casinos put more in advertising and design than the legit ones (mostly because they are stealing money from their affiliate partners as well). They even make up their regulatory agencies, so their games could seem verified.

Unfair treatment of affiliates

As we’ve said above, lousy casinos even treat their own badly. When casino screws its affiliates by not paying them their share, it’s best for you to keep away. It could damage your balance.

Unfair management and business policies

A bad casino operator sometimes changes rules on the fly, without anyone’s knowledge. That way they are eliminating their client’s and affiliate’s chances to react. If you somehow refuse to “obey” the new rule, they start to intimidate you with various methods. Casinos can go even further by increasing their requirements or payout methods, if somehow their profit is in danger.

There are several tips to avoid mobile and online casino scams.

You should always look for reputable houses. The ones that are licensed, regulated (they provide information where they are regulated and licensed) and the ones that are using reputable software for their cause. Also, you should look for their withdrawal limits, read the casino’s terms and conditions as well as their jurisdiction and age requirements.Also, you can check for endorsements by casino watchdog sites or try finding houses without plenty of deposit options.Those are the bullets that should be supported by any fair, safe, and secured mobile or online casinos.