Best Payment Methods to Choose for Online Gambling in the UK

While online casinos focus on sign up bonus and other rewards to promote their site, a well-informed gambler would know the best features of a casino establishment to be the safety of license and regulation authenticity, good quality of games, and of course, good range of payment options.

Not all casinos are ready to share their payment methods with the “non-registered website visitor” for multiple reasons, whether it’s for market competition or privacy issues. However, since this information would largely matter for researching punters when choosing new eGaming destinations, casinos have endorsed smarter ways of knowledge sharing without displaying all details like deposit/withdrawal limit, fees and processing in the public site. For example, one such site – Slotty Vegas Casino, has listed all their payment methods at the very bottom of their main page, but a customer has to investigate further to learn exact details. Also, they have maintained a decent support team chat, apprising potential customers with satisfactory information, before they sign up.

The most Popular Payment Methods

While that’s enlightenment about where to find all the answers regarding the payment options at a particular casino, here is more about the best payment options to bet on, when you are playing in or from the UK jurisdiction.

  • Credit Card / Debit Card

It would be rather uncanny for a UK-registered online casino not to accept credit and debit cards. Primarily, VISA and MasterCard accepted at Online Casinos in the UK, but other options like Maestro Debit Card, Visa Electron and American Express cards are widely recognised as well. Both credit and debit cards work pretty much the same way in terms of making a payment. Whereas, the best part about debit cards is that all digital transactions are always free of cost, while credit cards attract a fee from the bank’s side, that is added to your monthly credit card bill.

  • eWallets

The most recognised eWallets in the UK gambling industry is Skrill and Neteller. Although PayPal is often regarded as an eWallet by many, the technology is slightly different, that makes PayPal, a safe digital payment system, but not an eWallet, in its true sense. The idea of using eWallets at online casino primarily serves the purpose of not having to involve one’s bank account directly. Even though gamblers would eventually have to share enough personal details with the casino in order to withdraw payouts, but eWallets are still a great resort to minimise financial transactions at gambling sites directly on the credit/debit card. Usually, eWallets do not attract fees, you can deposit as well as withdraw on them, and transfer the money to your bank without having to share your gambling side.

  • Bank Transfer

Bank Transfers are everywhere. There are even digital applications powered by banks, that give users the power of banking anytime and anywhere via desktops and mobile phones, with the option of online or Wire Transfer. You can use the banking app much like an eWallet app, or go to your account in the ban’s website, and enjoy the simplest and direct payment by simple copy and pasting your credentials.

Many gamblers are sceptical about involving the bank in their gambling ventures, however direct bank transfers do indeed have great values for enforcing the safest and smoothest transactions at online casinos. Banks use the highest range of security encryption technology, that makes it impossible for third party intrusion. And on the other side, a well-reputed gambling site would also have its own security systems, offering ultimate security for players. Opting on bank transfers also makes for a quicker KYC process at the time of withdrawal, however, on the flip-side, payouts via bank transfers often take the longest to process, over other methods. Moreover, withdrawal fees are more common for bank transfers, many times the fee is levied by the bank, if not by the casino.

Other Options to Count on

Other considerate options include PayPal, Ecopayz and Paysense electronic money transfer systems. They have individual payment methods and are different from eWallet or Bank Wire Transfer. These also carry the ideals of safety and convenience, that much like eWallet, are good resorts when you are not wishful to involve direct bank transactions. All the options are readily usable at international sites and among the methods that offer the fastest payouts, and free of fees.

Final Word of Advice

Before you sign up to an online casino, it’s important to be well aware and sure of the payment options available. Scrutinise the options are indeed available in your jurisdiction, as many times casinos have different layouts for their international site, or have specific rules for specific jurisdictions. It’s not obvious that just because the casino site has the icon of your desired payment option at their website footer, they will accept the same from the jurisdiction you are from. Next up, be sure of the fees for both deposit and withdrawals levied by your casino as well as your bank. A chat with the customer support makes it all clear, you can review the FAQ section and T&C pages as well.