Neymar received unpleasant treatment from Paris Saint-Germain starlet Kylian Mbappe. The reason is, when doing a photo session of the 2019 French Cup champions, jasabola the former AS Monaco player deliberately pushed Neymar from the location of the photo session.

PSG successfully took home the 2019 French Super Cup trophy after frustrating Rennes at the Shenzhen Universiade Sport Center Stadium, China, Saturday. Thomas Tuchel’s squad won 2-1.

The excitement of the Les Parisiens players radiates thanks to these results. Unfortunately, one sad face caught in the celebration.

Neymar, who hopes to be able to take part in situs judi slot online terpercaya Cavani and his friends in the final match, is not seen playing. He accepted still improving the past Yang received some time ago.

A unique thing happened when receiving the trophy and a photo session with PSG employees. Through uploading the Twitter account @GMS_Football, Neymar, who came in a black suit jacket and trousers, approached his teammate to congratulate him.

Not only congratulating, Neymar also took a picture bet88 together to welcome the victory.

But one thing that is enough to be considered when Mbappe pushed Neymar out of the photo location. It became viral on the Twitter social network.

Although it is uncertain whether Mbappe’s judi online behavior is just a joke or not, it has led to speculation if Neymar doesn’t need to get the help from his teammate at PSG.