Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is an annual formula one motor race that is held on the Circuit de Monaco which is a street circuit  that is laid out on the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, Monaco, Europe. This race is considered to be one of the most important motor races in the world. The history of this prestigious race dates back to 1929 and from then it grew to become an important and influential formula one race. Though its progress was hindered by the Second World War, the racing did not end but resumed afterwards and grew into the great event it is today. The Monaco Grand Prix has offered people from the world all over to become a part of this event that sees hundreds of visitors to the city of Monte Carlo every year. Not only do visitors get to participate in the Grand Prix events but they also get to view and appreciate the breath-taking city of Monte Carlo.

As a formula one racing experience, the Monaco Grand Prix maintains its standard of difficulty in all areas and attracts the most skilled and talented drivers worldwide to participate. There are many ways for visitors to view the race as stands are set up at different intervals along the track. The action is so fast paced and intense that you can hardly sit still. Those who are wealthier watch from their yachts on the harbour. The buildings around the track will be automatically capitalized on and used as viewing sights for the race. There are many who attest to getting the best view of the race from Ermanno Palace Penthouse terrace. Ideally, you do not want to miss a second of this race; and from Ermanno’s Palace Penthouse Terrace you have a perfect view of the start/finish line and you will be able to see when the drivers exit the tunnel.

While in Monaco for the Grand Prix you will find that there is a lot of time to get lost in the city and its surrounding areas. There are a lot of companies and travel services that will allow you to not only see the sites in Monaco but you will be able to experience them first hand. The towns villages that surround Monte Carlo are beautiful and you  find yourself wanting to be immersed in the culture. The best way to do this is to ensure you have the best reservations and easy access to travel. This takes a lot of preparation and pre planning. The last thing you would want to do is get to Monaco to watch the race and then have to be worried about things such as accommodations. Your experience at the Monaco Grand Prix will be phenomenally enhanced when you are comfortable, happy and able to relax and enjoy your stay. Though you many come to watch the event full and exciting Monaco Grand Prix you will find that your experience with the country and people makes all the difference.