Football Asian Handicap Betting Guide

Asian Handicap Betting on football, at its most basic, is when a bookmaker does their best to make two opposing teams as “equal”as possible using a handicap system, which means that you are in effect taking the judgment of the bookmaker when placing your bets on the specific or particular football team you choose to bet on.

A basic guide for Asian handicap betting is below but a lot of online casinos and betting sites like provide detailed guides on the best ways to utilize handicap betting.

The handicap line in Asian handicap betting starts from Scratch (also called Level Ball) and can go as high as necessary in order to balance the แทงบอล between two opposing teams.

From Scratch the line increases in “quarter goals” or “quarter balls” and is expressed with either a plus sign (+) or a negative sign (-) depending on which team is the “favorite” and which is the “underdog”.

The favorite in the match will be the one with the (-) before the number used to represent their handicap and, in order to be a “win” for the person betting, will have to score more goals than that handicap.

The underdog will be the team that receives the positive handicap as well as the (+) symbol and, at the end of the match, the amount of goals that they were given as their handicap will be added to the final score.

At the end of the match, if the number of goals that each team has received (including actual goals and handicap goals) is equal, this will result in something called a “push” and the stake will be returned to their bettor.

There is also something called a Split Ball Handicap which is represented thusly 0: ¼.  If you enter into the bat like this your state will be split equally between the whole ball and the half ball handicap and can be seen in this example;

Germany 0: 1/4 Brazil If you place a £100 bet on Brazil + 1/4 you actually have two bets split as follows, £50 Brazil + 0 goal and £50 Brazil + 1/2 goal.

If the match finishes as a 0-0 draw, then after applying the handicap the scores would be as follows; Brazil plus zero would result in Germany 0 – 0 Brazil – your £50 part of the bet on Brazil minus plus zero would be a push and the stake returned to you.

Brazil plus a half a goal would result in Germany 0 – 0.5 Brazil – your £50 part of the bet on Brazil plus a half goal would be a winner.

Sounds quite interesting and exciting, yes?