Fancy Play Syndrome: Points to Remember

Fancy Play Syndrome or FPS is an overly creative way of playing a hand when a direct approach is taken up to win a lot more chips. Syndrome can be referred to as a group of symptoms and diseases that characterize a specific condition. In poker game scenario these symptoms and diseases are replaced by plays and actions. When syndromes are over used they enter the realm of FPS.

Fancy play syndrome is not like the other obsessions caught up by professional players during the long course of casino gaming, these are some rules which get stuck to a player’s mind even when they see new advancements coming along.

Online poker has changed the whole scenario still idealistic players go very often with the traditional ways. FPS approach helps the strategist player to attain more chips irrespective of the number of opponents standing.

  • Free-card play – These can be incorporated in limit and no-limit games. Here you would be removing one street of betting; through free-card play will prove to be a simple way to control the total size of the pot.
  • No limit betting – It is dictated by the size of pot in the game. The bet increases exponentially after pre-flop action being taken up in the game. In no-limit betting, the players often opt for pre-flop strategies as it maximizes the pot size and minimize the relevant losses.
  • Squeeze play – It refers to using someone else’s presence in the pot to your bluffing advantage. Bluffing advantage can ebb sought by using bluff catcher techniques.

The main goal of the drawing hand is to keep the pot size small until another player hits your draws. For controlling the size of the total pot free-card play seems to be a very nice strategy by using one street of betting. In limit game, free card play strategy can save you half a bet if you’re in position heads-up. But in no-limit game the play can be much more valuable if you incorporate the same strategy as in the above said. Hand selection techniques should also be concerned to hit a very large but hidden hand when the game is primarily dominated by aces.

While playing with the flops, there are only three possible scenarios only, like you might miss, you might hit huge, or hit a huge draw. By utilizing the better technique to play the game, any player can maximize their winnings, but the free card play strategy if incorporated wisely can help in winning the game directly. It removes one street of betting in the game, which actually saves other players with high hand to “call” in the game.

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