A Simple Guide to Help You Learn the Roulette Game

While playing online casino games, you have to be well versed with its rules in order to add some extra numbers to your gambling account. If you like playing and enjoying Roulette, but you are not aware about the rules and procedure to play, then here is a guide to help you understand and learn the game in an easy way.

Understand the Roulette Game

The main aim of the game here is to select the number before the ball stops at one, when the Roulette wheel is spun. You can try placing two bets at the same time on either same or different numbers whose total will be equivalent to the winning digits. However, it is not easy as it seems since the luck is purely coincidental here.

Roulette Wheel

There are two different types of wheels that are found in the Roulette game, as per their manufacturing places. The American wheel will be etched with 38 numbers with two times the number 0, whereas the wheels that are manufactured by the European industries will be etched with 37 slots, from 0 to 36.

The house edge in the American wheel will be about 2.63% and in the European wheel is 5.26%. It is comparatively higher in the European wheel because of the reason that it is etched with double zeros (00).

The Layout

Even though the game originated in France in the year 1842 with a single layout, the modern version of the layout will be provided with two betting areas. One is the inside betting area where the layout will be designed with individual numbers.

The next is the outside betting area in which the numbers will be provided with columns and with different colours, like the red shade for even digits or the black shade for odd numbers and so on. The shade of the colours will also be decided according to the number groups.

The numbers in the inside betting area will be etched with 3 columns and 12 rows with the digits 0 and the 00 placed at the top of the columns.

Inside Bets

While placing the bets in the inside betting area, you can either select straight bets on particular number or can select two different digits. The payout will be as mentioned below.

  • Straight Up
  • Split Bets
  • Line Bet or Street Bets
  • Quad Bet or Corner Bet
  • Basket Bet
  • Double Street Bet

Outside Bets

The money wagering in the outside bet area is inside the boxes that surround the number. The types of outside bets include,

  • Red Black Even or Odd Numbers
  • Dozens Bet
  • Column Bets

The Dealers

As the name says, the dealer in the game Rulett, or otherwise called, Roulette is the person, who actually spins the ball in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The person marks the winning odd all the time, when the ball stops at a particular number. You will be allowed to place your next bets only after they remove the marker and start spinning the wheel.

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